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Tragedy in Guangzhou

By Qiu Quanlin  (China Daily)

10:42, November 28, 2012

Family members of a runner who died eight days after taking part in a recent marathon in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, have complained of delayed treatment by the event's organizers.

Ding Xiqiao, 25, from Central China's Hunan province, died midnight on Monday after being treated in intensive care at the No 6 Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

Ding's elder brother, Ding Hongqiao, claims delayed treatment at the course caused the death.

"We are asking for a fair and thorough investigation from the organizers. But so far the investigation report has yet to be given to us," he told China Daily on Tuesday.

Chen Yangjie, who ran with Ding during the race, told the Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily that the ambulance arrived at the scene about 20 minutes after Ding fell unconscious.

Ding Xiqiao was sent to the hospital and kept in intensive care for more than a week after collapsing just before the finish line of the 5km race on Nov 18.

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