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Jiugui halts some production

By Ji Beibei (Global Times)

11:14, November 28, 2012

Scandal-tainted Jiugui Liquor Co said Tuesday it had suspended some but not all of its production lines to rectify its excessive plasticizer problem, but would not roll out a recall for the time being.

"If distributors want refunds, we will meet their requirements," Zhang Ruping, spokesman for the Hunan-based liquor maker, said in a phone conference Tuesday afternoon, financial news portal reported.

But there is no recall plan because quality watchdogs did not require one, Zhang said.

Jiugui Liquor, a high-end liquor producer in China, has been in hot water since last week, when media reported its products contained excessive plasticizer, a chemical that may harm human immune and reproductive systems.

Its shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange slid Tuesday by 10 percent for a third consecutive trading day.

The State quality watchdog said on November 21 that test results showed Jiugui liquor to contain DBP, a type of plasticizer, at 1.04 milligrams per kilogram - 247 percent higher than the national industry standard.

Jiugui Liquor said Tuesday it has suspended production lines at its packaging plants in order to replace plastic pipes with stainless steel, as the plastic pipes are a reason for the excess plasticizers in its 50 percent alcohol distilled liquor.

The replacement will take three days, and then the quality watchdog will test all the distilled liquors, which "hopefully can help win back consumers' confidence," Zhang was quoted by as saying.

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