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Chinese ambassador to Tanzania makes speech in Tanzania NDC

By Kan Xu (China Military Online)

14:22, January 31, 2013

Lv Youqing, Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, was invited to deliver a speech to the cadets of the first security and strategy seminar at the Tanzania National Defense College (NDC), the highest military educational institution in Tanzania, on January 24, 2013. He described China's point of view about the international political pattern, introduced China-Africa relationship, China-Tanzania relationship, China's policy towards Africa and China-U.S., China-Europe and China-Japan relations as well as China's principled stance on the issue of the Diaoyu Islands.

Ambassador Lv highlighted the new measures taken by the Chinese government to support Africa's peaceful development and boost the new-type China-Africa strategic partnership, pointed out that China supports developing countries to enjoy more representations and voices in international affairs, and noted that China will be the most reliable friend and sincere partner of developing countries.

Lv Youqing also introduced China's defense policy.

The cadets said that the speech delivered by the Chinese ambassador features vast information, thorough analysis, detailed data and convincing proofs, which fully reflects his deep thinking of the development of China-Africa relationship. His wonderful answers to such questions as China-U.S. relationship, China's investment in Africa and quality of Chinese products are quite persuasive, making them have a new understanding of the true features of the rights and wrongs.

The Tanzania NDC was founded under the support and assistance of the Chinese military and it held the first security and strategy seminar last September, which recruited 20 high-ranking officials and officers from Tanzanian government and military as cadets. Lt. Gen. Mara Kara, president of the college, and Maj. Gen. Hu Changming, chief military expert of China in Tanzania, were present at the speech.

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