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No shortage of talent

By Lu Qianwen (Global Times)

08:55, May 29, 2013

As the temperature warms up ahead of the summer months, so does the traditional TV music show season. Unlike last year when The Voice of China dominated and outshined all other singing contest programs (as well as all other entertainment shows), this year promises to be full of quality contenders.

Besides several shows that are already on the air, there are a few upcoming TV music programs that will premiere about the same time as the second season of The Voice of China. And naturally, each broadcaster will be pulling out all the stops to draw in as many viewers as possible.

Currently, China's Strongest Voice produced by Hunan TV and the Chinese Idol by Dragon TV are both in top gear scouting for singing contestants and thinking of new ways to attract an audience.

And next, Happy Boy, an old-brand music talent show by Hunan TV which was first broadcast in 2007 and then halted in 2009, will resume its presentation this summer, the same time period as the second season of The Voice of China.

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