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From the North Pole to your China inbox

By Zhang Wen    (Global Times)

14:05, December 14, 2012

Santa's about to start working overtime. (Photo: Courtesy of Xu Tao/GT)

Have you ever considered entrusting Santa Claus to pass along your Christmas wishes to friends and family? Here's some jolly news for you - Christmas cards can now be stamped and mailed from the home village of Santa near the North Pole in Finland.

Opened on Wednesday, the China Post Christmas Post Office 2012 can be found at Beijing International Post's Jianguomen Branch. Decked out with a brilliant Christmas tree and featuring a snow-capped red Christmas house, this post office offers a unique postal experience for foreigners and locals alike this year.

"Dear all, the dancing snow brings the wonderful Christmas. During this period of time, my lovely assistants and I have been so busy…" reads the postcard from Santa Claus at the Christmas Office. The Christmas card also carries a Christmas tree stamp, the signature of Santa Claus and a postmark from the Arctic Circle, Napapiiri Suomi, Finland.

There are Christmas cards and Finnish-style gifts on sale, too, including stuffed elves and throw pillows. This Christmas special mailing service started on December 12 and continues until January 6 next year. It might be a little slower than the reindeer express, as letters will travel from China to Finland and back.

You can send your Christmas wishes from any of the 50 China post branch offices authorized to provide the special Claus-approved service in Beijing.

This year marks the third year of the collaboration between China Post, Finnish Post and the Finland Embassy in China. The first Christmas Post Office opened in 2010 when China and Finland celebrated the 60th anniversary of their formal diplomatic ties.

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