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Expat photographers earn 'Beijing Spirit' awards

By An Wei  (

10:08, December 13, 2012

Italian photographer Lorenzo Barbieri won the first prize.(

The award ceremony for the "Beijing Spirit in the Eyes of Foreign Friends" photo contest was held at the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries on the evening of Dec. 11.

In order to showcase the "Beijing Spirit" themes of "Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusiveness and Virtue" and make foreigners who have been living in Beijing on a long-term basis or visit the capital further understand and feel both the modern development as well as the traditional charm of Beijing, a photo contest entitled "Beijing Spirit in the Eyes of Foreign Friends" was sponsored by the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the municipal government of Beijing.

The photographers ventured out across the city, exploring every nook and cranny Beijing has to offer. Whether shooting in ancient imperial parks, the Hutongs (Beijing's historical alleys), Siheyuans (courtyard residences) or in other residential areas and shopping places, they discovered Beijing from new angles and perspectives, creating many outstanding works of art.

The photo contest was launched in April 2012 and managed to attract a large number of foreign participants. The deadline for photo submission was set on Oct. 30, 2012, by which time 3,729 photos had been submitted by participants from 63 countries. After strict evaluation, 17 photos were selected from the top 300 which went on to win the first, second and third prizes. The selected winners provide an excellent representation of the participants' photographic skills and depict the Beijing Spirit in Beijing residents' daily lives.

The photo contest was first organized in 2009, and heretofore has already seen four successive editions.

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