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Studio interview: E-books or paperbacks [Video]


14:36, November 29, 2012

Not to be outdone in the digital craze, China's four biggest online e-commerce sites all got into the e-book business last year, catering to the increasing demand of the country's e-readers. Full story >>>

And now we're joined in the studio by a special guest: Teng Jimeng, an associate professor from the American Studies Center at Beijing Foreign Studies University, to talk about the growing popularity of e-books. And Mr. Teng will also tell us what he thinks publishing houses will do to cope with the growing trend.

1. Mr. Teng, have you been caught up in the e-reading craze? Which do you prefer, reading off a screen, or the old fashioned paperback?

2. Do you think e-books will eventually dominate the market some day? And what are the prospects for e-books in China in the coming years?

3. What do traditional publishing houses have to do to cope with the growing popularity of e-books? Will it reach a point where no one reads paperbacks anymore?

4. Ironically, technology has also helped traditional publishing houses, as more and more people order books online, accounting for nearly half of their sales. So are traditional bookstores facing extinction?

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