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CBA All-Star voting has tipped off

By  Sun Xiaochen  (China Daily)

10:36, December 25, 2012

If you want to see Stephon Marbury and Tracy McGrady start together in the CBA All-Star Game you can by voting for them in a special fan ballot for the February extravaganza.

The US stars go head to head during the CBA season, but they should be wearing the same jersey at the All-Star Game.

There is still two months to go before tipoff at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena on Feb 24, but the league launched All-Star voting on Monday.

Fans can pick the starting lineups from 85 candidates, including 31 foreigners, for the North and South teams on Only two foreigners can be voted as starters for each side.

This event will mark the fourth time the gala will be staged in a NBA-standard stadium and first since the 2010 edition at the MasterCard Center in Beijing.

Seven-time NBA All-Star forward McGrady, of the Qingdao Eagles, should join fellow US countryman Marbury, of the Beijing Ducks, in the North starting lineup as both have a strong Chinese fan base. Other likely starters include Xinjiang's veteran center, Menk Bateer, Beijing forward Zhai Xiaochuan and promising guard Guo Ailun of Liaoning.

On the South side, Fujian SBS' young giant, Wang Zhelin, seems likely to start in his rookie season along with veteran Yi Jianlian, who returned from the NBA to join his former club, Guangdong, this season. The 2011 game's MVP, Quincy Douby of Zhejiang, will fight against Shanghai's captain, Liu Wei, and Guangdong sharp shooter Wang Shipeng for places in the team's back court.

Boasting great entertainment, fan activities and charitable events, the CBA All-Star Weekend has grown in popularity since 2010 and has become one of the league's most marketable products.

Fans can dial hot line 400-818-3333 or 020-86003397 to book tickets from Jan 1. Online sales will be launched on the same day.

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