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Arenas Close to Singing with Guangdong: Report

(CRI Online)

09:48, October 23, 2012


Three-time NBA all-star guard Gilbert Arenas is close to signing a one year contract with Guangdong Hongyuan of the China Basketball Association (CBA), an insider from Yahoo! Sports said on Tuesday.

Arenas, the 30 year-old three time NBA all-star, spent his off-season training in L.A., but the NBA teams are showing little interest. Arenas played 17 games as a bench player in the 2011-2012 season for the Memphis Grizzlies, averaging 4.2 points and 1.1 assists every 12.4 minutes of play time.

With career stats of 20.7 points and 5.3 assists, Arenas has played for the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies in his 11 NBA seasons.

After Stephen Marbury's resignation from Beijing and Tracy MacGrady's joining Qingdao, the CBA league will have two former NBA all-star level players for the coming season.

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