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McGrady Scores 41 in Qingdao's 12th Straight Loss


08:41, December 24, 2012

Superstar Tracy McGrady scored his season-high 41 points for Qingdao Doublestars which lost its 12th straight game in as many rounds of China's CBA basketball league on Sunday.

Zhejiang Guangsha, spearheaded by Gary Forbes, beat Qingdao 108-102.

McGrady nailed a three-pointer with one minute left as Qingdao closed it to 98-103, but he failed to make the clutch shot with five seconds remaining when Qingdao trailed 102-105.

Forbes scored 36 points for Zhejiang and teammate Peter Ramos got 20 points and 9 rebounds.

Stephon Marbury scored only 11 points as Beijing Ducks suffered a lopsided 111-82 loss to Dongguan Marco Polo, with the end of a three-game winning streak.

Marbury got a cold hand from downtown, 0 out of 4 three-pointers, and scored only 11 points, while Randolph Morris had 4 out of 13 field shots, grabbing 12 points. Lester Hudson, not in good form either, had 11 points and 9 rebounds.

Marcus Haislip smashed a game-high 37 points as Dongguan led all the way and put the game beyond reach early in the third quarter with an over-20-point advantage.

In Sunday's other games, Jiangsu Dragons beat Shandong Gold 88-78; Guangdong Hongyuan beat Liaoning Hengye 113-109; Foshan Long Lions beat Shanghai Sharks 95-86; Shanxi Zhongyu beat Xinjiang Guanghui 116-107; Tianjin Ronggang beat Zhejiang Chouzhou 99-98; Jilin Northeast Tigers beat Fujian SBS 112-108.

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