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Top 10 instant noodles of all time


08:25, May 21, 2013

Instant noodles with various tastes bring not only convenience but also enjoyment of a delicacy to the general public. "Top Ten Instant Noodles of All Time 2013 Edition" was released recently by the Ramen Rater, a professional US-based ramen website reviewing over 1,000 kinds of noodles since 2012.

The sale volume of instant noodles around the world reached 101.4 billion packets in 2012 and Asian people are especially fond of them. Taiwan-born Momofuku Ando inventedinstant noodles in Japan in 1958. Here are the top ten recommended noodles:

#10 Mama Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour Oriental Style Instant Noodles,Thailand

Mama Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour Oriental Style Instant Noodles [Photo:]

The noodles are thin and almost crumble when chewed.The creaminess comes fromboiled shrimps.The texture is different from other noodles listed. -- Ramen Rater

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