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Japanese car sales go into reverse gear

(China Daily)

14:17, January 08, 2013

Japanese automakers are facing a bumpy road in the world's largest vehicle market as annual sales went into reverse gear amid tension over the Diaoyu Islands.

Regaining market share from foreign rivals who have overtaken them will be difficult, analysts said.

"If Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations improve, Japanese automakers might see a slight increase from last year in sales by the end of 2013," said Yale Zhang, head of Shanghai consulting firm Automotive Foresight.

"From a long-term perspective, they have a bleak future in the Chinese market as it's almost impossible for them to close in on the top three automakers here: Volkswagen, General Motors and Hyundai," said Zhang.

Toyota, Japan's largest automaker, said on Monday that its sales in China dropped 4.9 percent to about 840,000 vehicles in 2012 as sales in December fell for the sixth consecutive month to 90,800 vehicles.

However, it expected a recovery in 2013 with a sales target of more than 900,000 vehicles, similar to sales in 2011.

Top Japanese companies all experienced a crash in sales.

Nissan told China Daily that it sold 1,181,500 vehicles in China in 2012, down 5.3 percent for the year.

Its December sales of 90,400 vehicles helped weather a drop in sales of nearly 40 percent in September.

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