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Graduates willing to take less for first position

  1. Free license plates for new-energy cars
  2. Cop joins ransom kidnap that killed hostage
  3. Famous clothing brands condemned for pollution
  4. Speeding police car kills mother and boy
  5. Patriotism charter attracts 50 mln signatories

Chinese Military Observatory

  1. New barracks available at Engh Hada sentry post
  2. Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
  3. Cultivation of scientific research talents at NUDT
  4. MND organizes foreign army attachés to visit Xi'an
  5. Xu Caihou tours troop units in Dalian and Qingdao

China Stocks

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PD Online Data

  1. Ministry of Water Resources
  2. Ministry of Railways
  3. People's Bank of China
  4. Ministry of Health
  5. Ministry of Culture