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Uncovering Liuli in This Mortal World (3)

By Chen Jie (China Daily)

09:01, April 25, 2013

A work of liuli. (China Daily)


Yang was a student at Providence University in the early 1970s when a TV producer discovered her during a bus trip home.

"I never thought I was pretty and my girlhood dream was to be a teacher like my father or a secretary," says Yang, adding that most of the female graduates from Providence University ended up becoming secretaries.

Yang was a gifted and hardworking actress. She appeared in 124 movies in 12 years, in roles ranging from a girl next door to a cold gangster widow, from kung fu fighter to noble lady. Her record was playing 22 films in one year. All the posters in cinemas featured her face. She even had several movies competing against each other for box-office revenue.

Her breakthrough came in 1984. The movie The Young Runaway earned her best actress at the Golden Horse Awards, Taiwan's highest prize in the movie industry. The same year, Jade Love won both the best actress and best director at the Asian Pacific Film Festival Awards. The next year, Yang's second movie directed by Chang, Kuei-Mei, A Woman, won both the best actress and director at the Golden Horse Awards.

Naturally and unconsciously, love blossomed between Chang and Yang when they collaborated on their third movie, My Love. But it was not a romantic tale. Chang was already married. His wife wrote a public letter to the newspaper accusing Chang of betrayal and condemning Yang for being a family wrecker.

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