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Suspect behind 'poker card' murder arrested

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

09:02, April 25, 2013

The mystery over the "poker card" murder that had netizens playing Sherlock Holmes has been unraveled by the police, nearly 40 days after the discovery of the crime.

A 24-year-old Anhui Province native was arrested from a garment factory in Jianggan District in Hangzhou on Tuesday. The suspect, surnamed He, admitted killing his 19-year-old girlfriend, surnamed Cheng, in a fit of jealousy and dumped the body in Yuhang District in Hangzhou.

The murder became an online sensation after three poker cards were found from the crime scene.

The suspect met Cheng, who is also from Anhui, last December when they were playing the same game online. They became lovers in February after He invited Cheng to Hangzhou, police said.

But He was bothered that Cheng kept in contact with another man despite asking her not to. A jealous He murdered her on March 10.

To cover up his crime, He hid the body in a paper carton box and sealed it with gummed tapes. He said he had no idea that the poker cards would make the headlines.

"I saw the media reports after the discovery of the body. I remembered that the poker cards were in the drawer. Since I hit her with the drawer, the cards must have fallen at that time or she grabbed them during our fight," he said.

"I was nervous after I killed her. I wrapped her in a quilt and put her in the box."

An elderly woman found a box stained with blood at the roadside on March 15. Police were informed who discovered the three cards.

The case went viral on the Internet and netizens tried to figure out the relevance of the poker cards.

Some suspected it could be a serial killer while others insisted that the victim left the cards behind deliberately.

Few others offered clues to the police.

Police traced the suspect after a supermarket owner said that a 1.7-meter-high man had bought the gummed tapes from his shop.

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