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Terrorist attacks should not be regionally labeled

(People's Daily Online)

09:34, April 20, 2013

Before or after the Boston marathon blast on April 15, other regions in the world have not been peaceful, either. The terrorist attacks toward civilians in Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan have all caused severe casualties.

It's a day that will go down in history along with other violent U.S. incidents in April, an article on CNN website commented.

The Boston blast has changed the best day of the Patriots' Day into a terrible memory. But for people in Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan, the best day had already been buried in their deep memories.

The terrorist attack must be strongly condemned. Terrorists are making everyday necessities - shoes, knapsacks, cars, cell phones, chemical fertilizer, and so on - massacre weapons. By their brainwash and controlling, even human beings can be used as bombs. Any individuals and goods may be suspicious objects, which results in most difficult safety assurance.

After the Boston blast, Boston people inspired the world with the "one more marathon" slogan. The fear may prevail temporarily, but the faith of trust will defeat the terrorism in the end.

There are many reasons that U.S. citizens feel optimistic about eliminating the terrorism fear at the largest extent because the strong country is their backup force. But how can civilians in Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan regain confidence and optimism after terrorist attack?

Religious extremism, color barriers, wars and inefficient state apparatus have turn terrorist attack in some regions into normalcy. Shrouded by the terror shadow, fears, anxieties, hopeless and insecurities are disturbing people's normal life. Fermented by poverty and hopelessness, people will easily lose their faith and become radical minded. Under thus institutional and social environment, more openness and freedom to confront terrorism will only be a reachless dream.

Western media focus on the Boston blast, which seems that only the terror attack in Boston is real and vicious. The severe reality reminds people once again that asymmetry of information dissemination implies the incentive of the frequently happened terrorist attacks around the world. Any terror attack should not be ignored. Encouragement and support should not be labeled with regional character.

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