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Intelligence-sharing event about Sino-European research exchange held in Beijing

By Liang Jun (People's Daily Online)

18:10, April 19, 2013

An intelligence-sharing event about Sino-European research exchange is held in the French Embassy in Beijing on April 18. It is the first event of EURAXESS Links in 2013, discussing the impact of the various forms of researcher’s mobility and exchanges on the development of the Sino-European research cooperation and overall relationship.

Researchers, administrators and policy-makers engaged in Sino-European scientific cooperation have participated in this seminar this afternoon.

Mr. Jacques de Soyres, Country Representative of EURAXESS Links, said at the seminar that the roundtables session aims to give the opportunity to all the participants to express their views and share their experiences on being or having been a researcher working in China or in Europe, discuss with the other participants to maximize the positive impact, first on the scientific cooperation and second on the overall Europe-China relationship.

Mr. Jacques de Soyres told People’s Daily Online that different events covering various fields of researches will be held to share more information so that make improvements and afford convenience for people’ s research career.

He added that the EUAXESS will organize about four events every year, including sharing general issues like culture differences and specific research topics like biology, law, etc.

EURAXESS Links, launched in December 2009, is a networking and information tool for European researchers active in China and for Chinese researchers interested in collaborating with European research.

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