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Insisting on wrong road, Japan has no future

(People's Daily Online)

13:31, April 23, 2013

Visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is to revive militarism. It seriously hurts the feelings of the people of Asian countries, and blatantly challenges the current international order. If Japan continues to slide down the wrong road, it has no future.

A fox cannot hide its tail. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made donations to the shrine and three cabinet ministers prayed at the shrine over the weekend, according to local media. Another report says members of a bipartisan group of lawmakers promoting visits to Yasukuni are set to visit the shrine Tuesday.

The essence of visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, which honors 2.5 million Japanese war dead, including 14 Class-A criminals of World War II, is crystal clear. Worshiping the war criminals is to revive militarism. It seriously harms the feelings of the people of Asian countries, and defies the current international order. Whether he visits the shrine in person or just makes donations to it, and whether it is a private visit or a visit in capacity as a cabinet member, it cannot change the nature of the act.

Since taking office, Abe has been trying to conduct his so-called balance strategy, both in external relationships and wooing the public for more support. Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) said last month to continue visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

However, there is no such thing as balance regarding the treatment of the history of the Japanese military aggression. No matter using what kind of form to visit the Yasukuni Shrine, it is to insist on the wrong view of history and to have impact on Asia's peace and stability.

In reporting Abe's attitude toward the visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, Japanese media have repeatedly use the word "ambiguous", which shows Abe's government is very clear that turning back the wheel of history will seriously hurt the feelings of people throughout Asia. But if Japan refuses to reflect on the issue, "ambiguous" and "naked" will mean the same. Japan is destined to suffer a setback if it relies on tricks to make balance.

Victor Hugo's well-known saying "What is history? An echo of the past in the future; a reflex from the future on the past," pointed out the relations among the history, the present and the future.
Japan is difficult to make complete break with the history of the Japanese military aggression, which is likely to have influence on its view of development and view of Asia. What's Japan's next step? People of Asia must maintain heighten vigilance.

History and reality are difficult to separate, and distorted ideas are bound to lead to extreme action. Abe's pragmatism may be only skin-deep. In the past, he and fellow right-wingers in the cabinet have promoted a revisionist view of history. He appears to think that Japan did very little bad in the imperial years before its utter defeat in 1945. Even weirder, Abe writes as if Japan has done little good in the years since, according to a story published on March 2 by British's Economist.

Only when Japan faces up to its aggressive past, can it embrace the future. If it continues to slide down the wrong road, it has no future.

Read the Chinese version: 参拜撕去“暧昧”伪装
Source: People's Daily; Author: Zhong Sheng

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McCarthy at 2013-04-24206.125.86.*
Japan"s new found imperialist militarism is being stoked and encouraged by the United States the world leader of imperialism and militarism. Japan on it"s own would not dare to raise it"s imperialist head again but with the backing of the United States it feels fearless. The problem is not Japan it is the United States. By curbing US imperialism China can contain and defeat any new Japanese threat. The United States is the key.
Chen guozhen at 2013-04-24180.216.55.*
China should stop criticising Japan with regard to visiting Yasukuni Shrine. Japan has every right to pay respect to its war dead. Many fought and died for thier country rightly or wrongly. There is only one way to prevent a war with Japan and that is to be militarily stronger than Japan. That is by the way what the North Koreans may be trying to do ie to prevent a future invasion on their soil from japan or any other country.

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