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Uncovering Liuli in This Mortal World (2)

By Chen Jie (China Daily)

09:01, April 25, 2013

A work of liuli. (China Daily)

But he remembers her hands because in his mind, the title role Madam Yu Ching - who loses her husband at a young age, secretly and desperately falls in love with another young man and finally kills him before committing suicide when she finds out he has a new lover - must have impressive hands.

What Chang did not expect was, years later, the hands would became even more impressive away from the screen, making glass into art as Yang would go from being an award-winning actress to a sculptor.

Having that story in mind, my eyes focus on Yang's hands instead of her face as she walks into the room. Before I even scan for signs of aging, she offers her right hand and the firm handshake impresses me. It is this hand that mixes wax with water, tests the temperature of kiln and sculpts the glass into all kinds of shapes.

To those under the age of 35, Yang and Chang are known for creating liuli, Chinese crystal glass, rather than as actress and director. Titled Uncovering Liuli in This Mortal World, their exhibition at the National Art Museum of China will run until May 12. It displays some 50 works in five series, including "A Chinese Liuli Flower", "A Realm Of Zen Within Fire", "Enlightenment", "Free Mind", and "Formless, But Not Without Form".

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