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Slow down and practice Chinese Taijiquan (2)

By Du Mingming (People's Daily Online)

16:00, March 26, 2013

Professor Wang Xiaojun from Beijing Sport University shows Taijiquan to the audience at Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries on the afternoon of March 25, 2013. (PD Online/Du Mingming)

The lecture, as part of "Chinese Classics - Beijing Culture Forum" project, attracts over 50 people from 21 countries. It tells the life cultivating effects of Taijiquan from three aspects, namely the physical movements, breathing methods, and mind control.

The physical movements of Taijiquan have a close connection with Taoism and TCM. For example, when you begin to practice Taijiquan, first you have to arch your hands and give a bow. In Taoism, the left hand represents Yang, and the right hand represents Yin. When the two hands are arched together, there will be a balance between Yin and Yang. Taijiquan movements should be practiced continuously like water flows, and stably as Mount Tai. Such movements offer people artistic pleasure as well.

Normally, people breathe with chests. However, when practicing Taijiquan, you should take abdominal breathing method. Such method helps you inhale more oxygen with fewer breaths. TCM believes that there is a "number limit of breathing". If one breathes slower, he will live longer. Wang pointed out that the pace of work and life nowadays is too fast, causing great harm to human body. He strongly suggested people to slow down, do exercises, in order to maintain both physical and mental health. He warns office workers to be aware of occupational diseases like cervical spondylosis, and offers tips to avoid such kind of problems.

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