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1,000 dead ducks litter Sichuan river

(Global Times)

09:29, March 25, 2013


The cause of death and source of about 1,000 dead ducks found in the Nanhe River in Pengshan county, Sichuan Province remains unknown, China National Radio reported Sunday.

Liang Weidong, a senior publicity official of Pengshan, told China National Radio that the local environmental protection bureau first received reports of the discovery of dead ducks on Tuesday.

Local officials soon arrived at the site to search for dead ducks and carried away some 60 bags, totally about 1,000 ducks. The ducks were dumped into a three-meter-deep pit at a designated place after being disinfected, Liang said.

An initial investigation showed that the ducks had floated down the river, and local farmers in Pengshan county had not discarded dead ducks.

Liang said the duck carcasses posed no harm to local people or livestock, as locals live far from the river and residents do not get their drinking water from the river. Liang said farmers who discarded their dead ducks in public places face heavy punishment.

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