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Opportunities, not threats

(China Daily)

09:51, March 24, 2013

President Xi Jinping shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a document signing ceremony in Moscow. (China Daily Photo)

President says strong bilateral ties guarantee international strategic balance and peace

China's development creates opportunities instead of threats, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday. In his first overseas policy speech in Moscow, Xi presented Beijing's view on current international situations, explained its foreign policies and how it views relations with Russia.

The speech came a day after Xi met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and witnessed the signing of a raft of energy and other agreements on his first trip abroad since becoming president.

Addressing a packed crowd of students at the renowned Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Xi said the interests of international communities from different parts of the world are becoming increasingly intertwined, and cooperation and development are the main trends in the new era.

The confrontations in the Cold War period no longer exist.

"To be in step with changing times you cannot have your body in the 21st century and your head back in the past," he said, adding that the old mentalities from the Cold War era and zero-sum games should be discarded.

"It will be impossible for any single country or country bloc to dominate international affairs," as emerging economies and developing countries enter the speedway of development, and several growth hubs are taking shape around the world, he said.

Xi also warned against foreign interference in domestic politics.

"We must respect the right of each country to independently choose its path of development, and we oppose interference in the affairs of sovereignty in other countries."

China strongly feels a country's internal issues of sovereignty should be addressed by its own government and people, while international affairs can only be solved through negotiation among governments and peoples.

"This is the democratic rule of dealing with international affairs, and the international community should follow it.

"If you want to know if the shoes fit, you should try them first," he said, raising a ripple of laughter among his audience.

During the speech, Xi also quoted well-known stories in Russian literatures to illustrate sound bilateral ties, stressing that China and Russia both accord each other priority in diplomacy and view each other's development as opportunities.

"Strong Sino-Russian relations are not only to our own interests, but serve as an important, reliable guarantee of international strategic balance and peace," he said.

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