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8,000 fined for jaywalking in E China


15:30, March 22, 2013

A policeman directs motor vehicles to stop before the crossing line in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province on March 21. [Photo/Xinhua]

Groups of pedestrians or riders getting together at crossings to run red lights are a common sight in Chinese cities, and the practice has been dubbed "the Chinese style of crossing the road".

How to regulate this behavior has been a headache for cities. Since March 1, Zhejiang province put to work a large police force to handle the problem.

Many pedestrians have become more law-abiding, but some are still showing dissatisfaction, even cursing or beating the policemen.

Analysts say the administration's intentions are good, but new questions arise: Are there enough police officers to enforce the rule on such a huge population of pedestrians, and whether pedestrians can change their habits on their own.

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