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Photo story: How real life is, how real love is!

People's Daily Online)  13:10, March 21, 2013  

Zhao Xuan, born in 1980, was chief designer in a well-known advertising company in Kunming. He has to quit his favorite job for sake of love and family. (photo/

Edited and translated by Huang Jin, People's Daily Online

Zhao Xuan was a designer. His dream was to open a bar designed by himself. Li Yu was model. Her wish was to walk on the international runway one day. Li fell love with Zhao and married him. Facing the responsibility of holding a family, they both choose to return the hometown and open a little restaurant in Lanzhou, NW China. They deal with smoke flavor and cooking noise in the restaurant every day. They learn to accept the big gap between real life and their dreams. "Restaurant business is hard. We have met the difficulties that we could never image before. But with persistence, what we dreamed can come true step by step!" Zhao said. Even though they have no time to go travelling, but they are still very much in love just as before.

Compared with other restaurants, their restaurant, located in a snack street in the city, has no big difference. The most eye-catching thing is the poster on the freezer, it is designed by Zhao. The photo on the poster shows Zhao in a performance before...

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(Editor:HuangJin、Chen Lidan)


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