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Lone female student leaves 29 broken hearts


13:09, March 22, 2013

The only female student majoring in mining at a university in Wuhan has applied for a transfer, and the other 29 students in her class, all male, wrote letters asking her to stay, Wuhan Morning Daily reported Friday.

On March 20, Wu Lin, a student at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, received 29 "lover letters". Wu is the only female student in the class of 30. She is undoubtedly the "class flower" and is especially looked after by her classmates.

On March 7, a day before Women's Day, Wu received apples and blessings from all the male students. "You are our princess, and we are sure to take good care of you."

But Wu applied to change majors not long after the new term started.

"Mining major is difficult to find jobs for a woman. I have to make my decision for the long run," Wu said. "I will come back to see my classmates frequently."

Though the 29 letters could not make her change her mind, the male students send their best wishes for Wu. "Come back and see us often, and whoever bullies you, come to us."

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