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Dog stuck in alley for 2 years rescued


09:31, March 22, 2013

A dog stuck in a dead-end alley for more than two years was rescued by volunteers from an animal protection organization in Nanjing of Jiangsu province on Tuesday.

The dog was found by chance on Monday by a resident surnamed Wang, who was looking for her lost dog in Anhuai village of the city’s Xiaguan district.

After hearing the dog barking, the woman climbed a 3-meter-high wall and discovered that the dog was stranded in a 1-meter-wide, 30-meter-long alley. People living in the village told her that a woman surnamed Zhang had fed the dog for more than two years by throwing food over the wall.

Later that evening, Wang called her daughter, who posted the news on Weibo, China's biggest microblogging site. Her post caught the attention of a local animal protection organization.

The dog has been sent to the animal protection organization.

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