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BMW driver sentenced for obstructing police

By Zhang Yan  (

11:19, March 21, 2013

A court in China has sentenced a BMW owner who drove more than a kilometer while a police officer clung to the hood of her car.

Liu Yuhong was given two years in prison, suspended for three years, on Tuesday by a judge in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province.

She has also been banned from getting behind the wheel again for three years.

During a hearing at Gaoxin District People's Court, prosecutors said Liu violated traffic rules and used violent means to obstruct a police officer from performing his duty.

On Jan 17 she drove her BWM Z4, which had no license plates, and went through a red light. She was pulled over by a traffic police patrol and was asked to show her driving license and get out of the car.

Instead, she started the engine and drove off, despite a police officer jumping onto the hood of her car to prevent her from escaping. She drove for 1.1 km before stopping, the court heard.

The police officer received minor cuts and bruises.

"Taking into consideration her behavior didn't cause major harm to the police officer and that she showed great remorse, her sentence was suspended," a court document read.

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