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Photo story: A post-1980s girl and her prayer beads

People's Daily Online)  08:09, March 19, 2013  

Li shows her works. (Zhao Jingdong/

Edited and translated by Huang Jin, People's Daily Online

Li Xuedong, born in 1988, with all characters of a girl at her age: brave, simple, faddy, active… however, has one hobby which marks her difference- love for prayer beads.

Li opened her own shop of prayer beads in Shengjing Antique Market in Beijing on Sep. 2011 after graduation from university, while most of her classmates were busy to find a job.

Li started as a lover of prayer beads, and then she designed and created her own works, now she has her own shop. "Those jewelries of prayer beads enriched my life and taught me a lot of things. Every piece of jewelry has a story behind. Every time I see them, it makes my impetuous heart to settle down."

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(Editor:HuangJin、Chen Lidan)


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