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More bachelor girls than boys in Shanghai

(China Daily)

08:37, November 11, 2011

SHANGHAI - At a time when the number of male bachelors in the 30-44 age group is shrinking in Shanghai, that of single women in the same age demographic seems to be on the rise, said a survey from Shanghai Bureau of Statistics.

A comparison was made between the male-female ratio of older singles (defined as those aged between 30 and 44) between 2000 and 2010. The number of older unmarried men dropped by 2.2 percent in 10 years, while that of older unmarried women increased by 3.4 percent from 2000 to 2010.

The survey was based on data collected from the sixth national census.

A matchmaking party coming up on Nov 12 and 13, would illustrate that visually. A greater number of single women will be vying for the attention of a relatively less number of eligible bachelors, according to the organizer.

"We sold about 10,000 tickets for the matchmaking event to be held this weekend, which made us the city's largest ever matchmaking party," said Wang Weiming, vice-president of Shanghai Matchmaking Agency Management Association, one of the co-organizers. "However, single women might be up against stiff competition, as there will be six females for every four males."

"I'm either in the middle of a blind date or on my way to it during all of my holidays," said 27-year-old Dong Shuangyan, who was single.

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