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Beijing to host international triathlon race


11:23, March 22, 2013

BEIJING, March 22 (Xinhua) -- IMG Worldwide, the global sports, fashion and media company, in partnership with the Fengtai Sports Bureau of Beijing, will host the 2013 Beijing International Triathlon on September 21, at Qinglong Lake Park, in the Fengtai District of Beijing.

Following a successful first year, top triathletes from around the world will descend on Beijing to compete in this second annual Olympic distance triathlon.

The race will also expand the exclusive pro invite for 2013, drawing an elite field including 2012 Olympic silver medalist Javier Gomez from Spain, Olympian Sarah Groff from the United States and many more. The group of professional triathletes will compete for 100,000 US dollars in prize money.

"One of the greatest joys of being a triathlete is the incredible places racing takes us, and Beijing is, without question, one of the most incredible places I've ever raced," said 2012 Beijing International Triathlon champion and Olympian Sarah Groff.

"The Beijing International Triathlon has everything I could ever want from a destination race - exotic locale, a beautiful and challenging race course and amazing fans and volunteer support. From the moment I arrived to long after crossing the finish line, the Fengtai district extended the warmest, most hospitable welcome I could have imagined."

This triathlon is part of the Escape to Alcatraz Triathlon Series, and the only qualifying event in Asia for the iconic Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Coveted race slots for the infamous and grueling 2014 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon will be awarded to the top 50 men and women across each group and division of this new race.

The course will showcase the eco-friendly environment and cultural attractions in Fengtai including a 1.5 km swim in the heart of Qinglong Lake Park; a challenging 40 km bike race through quaint villages of Fengtai and up Qianling Mountain, the highest peak in southwest Beijing; and a final 10 km run along stone paths, wooded trails and beautiful bridges showcasing the unique architecture of the area.

This race will be part of an intimate two-day, lifestyle sports event that will showcase all the tradition and warmth China has to offer locals and visitors alike.

"Last year's inaugural Beijing International Triathlon was a huge success with nearly a dozen top pro athletes participating, and hundreds of amateurs," said James Leitz, Senior Vice President of IMG.

"This triathlon put Beijing on the map as a top race destination on the international triathlon circuit. IMG Worldwide is thrilled once again to work with the Fengtai Sports Bureau of Beijing and the Fengtai government to continue to grow this race and expand our strong field of professional triathletes."

The Beijing International Triathlon will also feature a Corporate Challenge Division to introduce the thriving corporate community in China to the sport of triathlon. Companies will compete in a relay team format for the coveted Fengtai Cup and the chance to return to the 2013 Beijing International Triathlon and defend their title.

In addition to the triathlon on September 21, the weekend will include an all-day Race Expo showcasing products and services for health conscious consumers on September 20 and on race day, September 21.

Additionally, IMG will partner with Beijing Television (BTV) to produce a one hour program featuring the 2013 Beijing International Triathlon that will broadcast throughout Beijing as well as Oceania, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"Following a successful first year, Beijing Fengtai is honored to host 2013 Beijing International Triathlon, at the beautiful Qinglong Lake Park, as part of our five year partnership with IMG," said Fengtai District Vice Governor Li Junhui.

"This is a very special year for Fengtai - in addition to the triathlon, the district will also be hosting the 9th Annual China (Beijing) International Garden Expo, showcasing both traditional and modern gardening, in China. This event takes place throughout 2013 and we invite all the triathletes and their family members to visit and enjoy the culture and history of the Garden Expo."

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