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674CBM fuel leaking clean-up continues after ships collide

By Zha Minjie   (Shanghai Daily)

15:52, March 26, 2013

Shanghai maritime authorities are still cleaning up an oil spill northeast of the mouth of Yangtze River, a week after two cargo ships collided.

Most of the leaked fuel, from the British-registered CMA CGM Florida, has now been cleaned, said maritime officials.

The CMA CGM Florida is now docked at the local Yangshan port for further examinations and repair work, said officials.

Repairs will need to be complete before the ship is allowed to unload its cargo, said the port authorities.

The oil spill was detected after the CMA CGM Florida and the Panama-registered Zhoushan collided on March 19.

This resulted in about 674 cubic meters of fuel leaking from the British container ship about 124 marine miles northeast of the Yangtze, said officials.

Some containers on the British ship were damaged or dislodged by the impact, said maritime officials.

But those containing dangerous substances were unaffected, said officials.

They did not say what these substances were.

The CMA CGM Florida has a cargo of more than 1,500 containers, of which 76 contain dangerous goods, said officials.

It was also carrying 5000 tonnes of fuel.

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