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Printer makes 350 lotteries for iPhone, not 2

By Ke Jiayun   (Shanghai Daily)

08:20, March 26, 2013

It was a lucky day for wine customers, but it wasn't for anyone involved in organizing a wine maker's lottery sales promotion.

Instead of printing two tickets that could win an iPhone out of 7,202 scratch-off lottery cards issued in the promotion, the printer mistakenly produced 350 lucky tickets.

The gift company hired by wine maker Bacardi to put on the promotion is now suing the printer. The plaintiff, Shanghai Xinsheng Gift Factory Co, is seeking more than 79,500 yuan (US$12,792) compensation from Shanghai Yechen Printing Co, the Xuhui District People's Court heard yesterday.

On September 21, four winners came to the wine company to redeem the winning cards, a big surprise for the wine maker. An investigation found the printer had produce a flood of winning tickets - 350.

The wine maker asked the gift company to cover the losses, so the gift company staff went out in a mad dash to wine distributors and supermarkets to buy bottles of wine that came with the lottery cards.

The gift company bought about 6,500 bottles, but eight more winners appeared to redeem the tickets.

The gift company then filed the lawsuit, demanding the printing company cover the loss of the 12 iPhones and the wines they bought to avoid more losses. The plaintiff also asked the defendant to pay transportation fees, labor costs and notary fees.

At the hearing, the printing company admitted mistakes but agreed to pay only part of the compensation. The court didn't rule yesterday since both sides accepted mediation.

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