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Xi highlights 'shared destiny'

By Wu Jiao in Dar es Salaam and Li Xiaokun in Beijing (China Daily)

08:35, March 26, 2013

Relations with Africa will be expanded as ties become more important, president vows

China will intensify its efforts to expand relations with Africa as ties take on greater importance amid a "shared destiny", President Xi Jinping said on Monday in his first speech elaborating on China's African policies.

Beijing also hopes to see better relations between other countries and Africa, he said.

China-Africa ties are more complicated, compared with those in previous generations, and leaders must display wisdom to tap the huge potential, experts said.

Xi made the remarks during a keynote speech in Tanzania, the second leg of his first overseas visit since being elected earlier this month.

Xi has been a regular visitor to Africa, and he has witnessed continuous progress.

"Let me assure you that China will intensify, not weaken, its efforts to expand relations with Africa," Xi said at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center.

China built the center, the first one of its type in Tanzania, for free, and the handover ceremony was held on Monday.

Unity and cooperation with African countries have always been an important foundation for China's foreign policy, the president said.

"This will never change, not even when China grows stronger and enjoys a higher international status.

"China and Africa will continue to support each other on issues involving their core interests and major concerns.

"A review of this period of history shows that China and Africa have always been a community with a shared destiny," Xi said.

China will continue providing assistance to Africa without any political conditions, he said.

Trade between China and Africa reached some $200 billion last year, he said, adding that China will provide a $20 billion credit line to African nations from 2013 to 2015.

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