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China's Union Lotto marks 10th anniversary


10:32, February 17, 2013

BEIJING -- Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of the launch of Union Lotto, a leading welfare lottery in China.

Union Lotto sales have hit 262.3 billion yuan ($42 billion) since 2003, according to a Saturday press release from the Welfare Lottery Distribution and Management Center under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Twelve participants have won over 100 million yuan, with the biggest winner taking 570 million on June 12, 2012, said the statement.

Meanwhile, the Union Lotto has also helped raise 91.8 billion yuan for public welfare funds, as required by law.

The lottery-based public welfare funds go toward social welfare and charity programs in education, as well as those to benefit disadvantaged social groups such as seniors, the handicapped and orphans.

China's modern welfare lottery made its debut in 1987.

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