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San Francisco mayor supports same-sex marriage ahead of hearings

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

14:43, March 26, 2013

Supporters of same-sex marriage hold signs during a rally in support of marriage equality on March 25, 2013 in San Francisco. (Photo/ People's Daily Online)

On the eve of the hearings on marriage equality of the U.S. Supreme Court, San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee issued a statement today to support LGBT residents.

In the statement, he said, “I believe that equality and the American idea enshrined in our Constitution will prevail once again through these challenges to marriage discrimination in our State and nation. We have the best legal teams, the power of justice and the arc of history on our side.”

He stated that he will fight for marriage equality today as nine years ago when Mayor Gavin Newsom led the charge on one of the most important civil rights issues to ensure equal protections and rights for all.

A lawsuit was filed in 2009 challenging Prop 8, a 2008 state initiative which banned same-sex marriage. The suit claims the 2008 voter initiative violated constitutional rights.

On March 26, the Supreme Court justices will hear arguments in Washington, D.C., about Proposition 8.

In support of marriage equality, Mayor Lee has ordered the LGBT rainbow flag to be flown at City Hall starting this evening and through Wednesday as the Supreme Court hearings take place.

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