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Same-sex wedding performed in Fujian Province

(Global Times)

08:26, October 18, 2012

During the National Day holidays, 24-year-old Lu Zhong and his gay partner 20-year-old Liu Wanqiang held a public wedding ceremony in their hometown of Ningde, Fujian province. The couple met and fell in love 2 years ago and their engagement in Dongguan caused a big stir throughout China. (Xinhua Photo)

Two men were wed in Zherong county in East China's Fujian Province on October 2, causing a sensation among the locals.

After being in love for more than two years, 24-year-old Lu Zhong and 20-year-old Liu Wanqiang, both from Fujian Province, got engaged in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, on this year's Qixi Festival, China's Valentine's Day.

On September 13, they took their engagement photos in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, with Liu wearing a long wedding dress and a curly wig.

On October 2, an escort team of five motorcycles attracted nearly a thousand people to join the parade. The couple kissed each other at the request of onlookers.

The wedding ceremony was held in a small local restaurant, attended by over 20 friends who stood up as bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as some of Lu's teachers and relatives.

Lu's sister wished the new couple a happy and peaceful life together.

The ceremony held some touching moments, with Lu shedding tears after taking his vows. The couple also sang a song called "I Want to Have a Home," and all the guests sang along with them.

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