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China Focus: Domestic focus offers Christmas cheer to suppliers (3)


08:47, December 24, 2012

"We sell 'overall solutions' for customers who have Christmas decoration projects such as supermarkets and hotels, and we offer design, installation and repair services," he said.

The company provides software engineers, product development professionals and cameramen.

Another channel for businesses is the Internet., the largest online retailer in China, has seen an increase in Christmas trade.

Christmas trees and decorations have been sent to cities and villages around the country rather than abroad.

"Our Christmas stockings sold out and manufacturers have had to produce goods around the clock," an owner of an online store named "Pafanqie" said.

"To deal with the domestic economic transformation and global slowdown, companies should invest in research, improve management, enhance innovative capacities and increase the added value of products," Zhuang said.

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