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Dark horse emerges to wrap up the season (2)

(China Daily)

12:57, December 22, 2012

The film follows a businessman's trip to Thailand, where he meets an overly talkative and extremely optimistic pancake maker, who turns his trip into one hilarious misadventure to another. It tickles the viewer's funny bone not merely because of the slapstick jokes copied from the Internet, like in the case of most comedies in China nowadays, but because of the way the story develops.

There is no A-list star, special effect, or kung fu in the film. For a long time, the three elements are the traditional pillars propping up strong box office performance.

Since the success of Zhang Yimou's Hero and House of Flying Daggers about 10 years ago, Chinese audiences have seen such "typical" Chinese blockbusters year after year. Unfortunately, behind the visual lavishness is often a flimsy story that few could relate to.

Such films are losing their mojo after years of repetition. So when a different type of film, especially a quality one shows up, it easily captures audience attention.

The film also reminds those who rush to make 3-D or IMAX films that a special format movie does not ensure its success.

Although the ticket is better priced, how many viewers it attracts still depends on the story.

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