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Annual meeting of BFSU-as-Chinese-partner CIs 2012 held in Beijing (3)

By Wang Jinxue (People's Daily Online)

11:20, December 14, 2012

Prof. Richard Trappl, Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna. (BFSU/Guo Wei))

Annual meeting of BFSU-as-Chinese-partner CIs 2012 was held on Dec. 13 in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU); about 80 guests from 17 overseas Confucius Institutes attended the meeting. Prof. Han Zhen, President of BFSU, Prof. Ferenc Hudecz, Honorary Council Member of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and Prof. Richard Trappl, Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna made speeches at the opening ceremony.

Prof. Han Zhen said that overseas Chinese Confucius Institutes have made significant progress in recent years. Both the numbers of these institutes and student enrolment in them have increased rapidly, the quality of instructions has shown steady improvement, and the reputation of theses institutes has been improving.

He also said that BFSU is dedicated to two missions - to introduce China to the world and to introduce the world to China. Toward these two goals, BFSU has played an active role in promoting the teaching of Chinese to foreigners. Taking full advantage of its language resources, BFSU has made important contributions to the development of overseas Confucius Institutes. In the years to come, BFSU will strive for better quality and service as well as more innovation and localization in the operation of Confucius Institute.

Prof. Ferenc Hudecz and Prof. Richard Trappl expressed their thanks to BFSU, and introduced that the number of foreigners learning Chinese has been on rise.

2012 marks the 5th anniversary of BFSU Confucius Institutes Operation. Ms. Xu Lin, Director of China's Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) attended the ceremony on May 24, and spoke highly of the work BFSU has done to promote the development of Confucius Institute.

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