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Chinese cop cleared of graft suspicion after speedy probe (2)


10:11, December 13, 2012

The deputy cop owns two houses -- a villa on mortgage valued at 8.37 million yuan and a three-story house he spent 900,000 yuan in construction, the official probe finds. Zhou's wife, Liang Shujiao, made 1.67 million yuan down payment for the villa and pays 30,151 yuan a month for the mortgage.

For the other claim, the official probe finds that Liang quit her job at a local bank and emigrated to the Philippines and obtained the resident's permit there in May, six months before she gave birth to a second child in a Hong Kong hospital.

The discipline watchdog said the family planning policy does not apply to Liang as she had relinquished her household registration in China and her second child did not have Chinese household registration either.

In October, Guangdong sacked Cai Bin, a low-level official in provincial capital of Guangzhou, for discipline violations after an official probe confirmed online allegation that Cai owned 22 properties, a wealth way beyond a civil servant's income. The probe also found that Cai's son had obtained Australian citizenship.

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