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MOE seeks three university presidents (2)

By Sun Xiaobo (Global Times)

09:38, December 06, 2012

Nanfang Daily reported earlier that since 1949, the presidents of 76 universities under MOE have been appointed directly by the ministry or by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

"Considering the requirement that applicants have to be already working as an executive at a university as do members of the selection committee, the open selection process is not really that open," Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of the 21 Century Education Research Institute told the Global Times.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to deliver a speech, answer examiners' questions and be interviewed. MOE will also consider the feedback it receives from representatives of faculty and students as it did in 2011.

"Last year the feedback of faculty and students was not published and we don't know how big a role their opinions played in the final decision," Xiong said.

The applicants must be aware of the institutions academics and possess a doctoral degree and professor-level certificate.

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