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China's Xi pledges peace, opening-up in first meeting with foreigners (3)


08:50, December 06, 2012

It now has significant influence on world prosperity due to its status as the world's second-largest economy, biggest manufacturer and exporter and owner of the largest amount of foreign exchange reserves, and its fast pace of development.

"We are clear that China is still a developing country facing a series of grim challenges in spite of great progress that has been achieved," said the Chinese leader.

The Chinese people feel neither inferior nor superior, ready to learn from the achievements of all other cultures, Xi told the experts.

"One loses by pride and gains by modesty," Xi said, quoting an ancient Chinese proverb.

China cannot achieve success in development with its door closed, Xi said, "Our course is the one that is supported by people from all over the world."

"To reach the goals that have been set, we need the understanding and support of the people from all over the world besides the fundamental factor of the Chinese people's hard work," said the Chinese leader.

He expressed his gratitude and welcome for foreign experts of various specialties to participate in China's drive for modernization.

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