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Face to face with Miss World 2012 :Exclusive (5)

By Du Mingming & Gao Yinan (People's Daily Online)

15:24, December 05, 2012

Students from the Roots & Shoots group of Qinghonglan School, a school for migrant children in Beijing, receive their Christmas gifts from Hilton Beijing. (Photo: Courtesy of Roots & Shoots group)

PD Online: Could you please share some healthy tips and regimens for keeping fit?

Yu Wenxia: Sure. Enough sound sleep helps skin recovery. I used to go to sleep before 11 o’clock and get up around at 7 a.m. at home partly because of my parents I seldom get up late after 8 a.m.

Besides, drinking plenty of fluid daily and having a well-balance diet will be perfect. I highly recommend lemonade with honey and fruits like kiwi, orange, apple and grapefruits.

PD Online: Any suggestions on skin care for our readers?

Yu Wenxia: Yes. Find out the perfect match for your skin. Skin care could not be expensive but right for you skin. Try to reduce your make up and do facial cleaning. Do not rub your skin since it’s very tender.

PD Online:Should people on a diet cut off meat or carbohydrate intake?

Yu Wenxia: Keep a well-balanced diet is very important. I have meat and carbohydrate food daily even when I am during the contest. My suggestion is that avoid overeat and try to have meat and other relatively high calories food in the first two meals.

I miss hotpot and Chinese food very much when I am broad. I feel so good when I have them. By the way, Chinese food could be a great choice you’re your healthy diet.

PD Online: For the majority of male readers could you please talk about your standard of choosing your partner?

Yu Wenxia: Well, first of all, perhaps the most important thing is that he is a nice person with love and care. I would like to have a husband who is responsible, kindhearted and willing to help others.

PD Online:Have you ever thought about having a cross-cultural marriage?

Yu Wenxia: To be honest, I didn’t think of it before. I believe in fate. I cannot tell you because I haven’t met my Mr. Right yet.

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