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Face to face with Miss World 2012 :Exclusive (2)

By Du Mingming & Gao Yinan (People's Daily Online)

15:24, December 05, 2012

Yu Wenxia, winner of Miss World 2012, joined in the Christmas Train Launch & Tree Lighting Ceremony. (Photo from Jiao Meng)

PD Online:Have any changes happened to you and your family since you became Miss World?

Yu Wenxia: I have had a busy life since then. I think there is no change for my family. They live the way as before. Many people will say that you should buy a house or a car for your family since you are Miss World.

However, I think we should not have such idea. One should not ask for preferential treatments when he or she arrives at a certain position. If I get these treatments just because I am Miss World, there will be no relation with the charity we are calling for at all.

Therefore, I will work hard step by step in a steady pace to make a better living for myself and my family. It’s my dream, and I will make every effort to accomplish it.

My family and friends are very happy when I won the Miss World. They will tell others by saying that she is my niece, she is my daughter, etc. some people will tell my parents that you have an excellent daughter.

PD Online:We have learned that you like vocal music and piano very much. Is that your dream?

Yu Wenxia: Yes, I like singing folk songs and I took vocal music as my major in university. I take piano to assist my vocal music. I’d like to be a good piano player in the future.

PD Online:What impressed you most during your competition? Any challenges you have been through?

Yu Wenxia: Yes. At the beginning, I was not confident and afraid that I could not attend the contest on behalf of our country. It gave me great pressure.

However, when getting off the plane and arrived at the place, I totally enjoyed myself every day with other participants. It’s true that we have language obstacles, but I love smiling and making friends.

We could help each other. I taught them Chinese and they taught me English. Language was no problem.

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