Immersive tech wows sports fans

By Ma Si (China Daily) 10:01, July 08, 2024

People watch a UEFA Euro 2024 game at a restaurant in Shanghai in June. (PHOTO/CHINA DAILY)

IT engineer Ma Min, a super soccer fan who did not want to miss any matches of the ongoing UEFA Euro 2024, has got a big helping hand this summer.

A partnership between Migu, the digital content unit of China Mobile, and iPhone maker Apple Inc. has ensured that Ma, wearing Apple's Vision Pro headset, can seamlessly watch up to five matches at once on the Migu Video app, eliminating the need to switch channels and making certain that no thrilling moment is missed.

This breakthrough has been made possible by Migu Video's advanced multiscreen broadcast technology and adaptive bitrate strategies. This has brought in high-definition quality on the main virtual screen while supporting four additional virtual screens with smooth, synchronized playback.

The platform's real-time, virtual data sand-table feature enhances the viewing experience by providing comprehensive, multi-angle displays of player information and live match data through eye and hand gestures. Fans can also interact with high-fidelity replicas of the UEFA Euro 2024 trophy and other virtual elements, creating an immersive sports atmosphere.

"The ability to watch five matches simultaneously is incredible! I no longer have to switch channels constantly during overlapping games," Ma, who is based in Shanghai, said about his extended reality experience. "The 3D data sand table feels like it's floating right in front of me, making the match data crystal clear."

This is part of broader efforts by Migu Video, in collaboration with Apple Vision Pro, to revolutionize the way sports enthusiasts watch events like the UEFA Euro 2024. With its innovative XR platform, Migu Video said it wants to offer an unparalleled viewing experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the excitement of multiple matches simultaneously.

XR technology is an umbrella category that covers various forms of computer-altered reality, including augmented reality and virtual reality.

Migu Video — as a digital content platform that integrates telecommunications and internet features — remains committed to driving technological innovation and digital transformation in China, said Zhu Jiawei, product director of Migu Video app on Apple Vision Pro.

Zhu said the company will continue to explore AI-driven spatial computing and next-generation immersive audiovisual applications, aiming to foster new business models and industry growth. By harnessing collective industry efforts, Migu Video aspires to extend the benefits of China's technological advancements to a global audience, sharing the dividends of the emerging digital economy.

Migu Video is also leveraging AI-powered features for a better sports-watching experience. Soccer fans have long desired the ability to track their favorite players in real time during matches. With Migu Video's new AI star highlight feature, this is now possible.


A user watches a UEFA Euro 2024 game through Apple's Vision Pro headset on the Migu Video app. (PHOTO/CHINA DAILY)

By simply selecting a player on the screen, viewers can instantly access their statistics, allowing for an engaging and interactive viewing experience. Whether seasoned fans or newcomers to the sport, everyone can benefit from this personalized way of enjoying the game.

Additionally, Migu Video has launched AI intelligent commentary during Euro 2024. Built on China Mobile's Jiutian large language model and Migu's independently developed model, this feature analyzes real-time match data to automatically generate precise commentary.

A unique aspect of this service is the AI celebrity voice feature, which extracts and simulates the voices of famous personalities. Broadcasters on Migu Video can choose their preferred celebrity voice packs, cloning familiar voices like Monkey King, a mythical Chinese hero from the novel Journey to the West, thus creating a novel and entertaining viewing experience that blends beloved characters with live football action.

Beyond the UEFA Euro 2024, Migu Video also offers a wide array of sports content, including from the NBA, CBA, and more, with plans to introduce more sporting events like the Olympic Games in the future.

As China's premier sports content platform, Migu Video said it provides extensive live coverage of top-tier events and boasts a vast library of over 4,000 ultra-high-definition films, more than 100 premium 3D movies, and leading cultural and tourism content.

China's investment in AI is forecast to reach 273.9 billion yuan ($38.1 billion) in 2027, accounting for 9 percent of the world's total, according to a recent report by market consultancy International Data Corp.

(Web editor: Tian Yi, Liang Jun)


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