Global enterprises gather in Xinjiang to tap into vast Chinese market

(Xinhua) 13:18, July 01, 2024

URUMQI, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Amidst the bustling preparations for her final day at the China-Eurasia Expo, Ralko Katsiaryna from Belarus exudes palpable excitement and high hopes for business success.

Katsiaryna is representing a dairy enterprise at the expo in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and aims to seize a lucrative opportunity to expand into China's rapidly growing product market.

"Our whey powder and many other products are highly sought after in China, which are often used to make popular snacks such as chocolates, biscuits and cakes," she said, expressing a strong hope to forge partnerships with more Chinese enterprises.

"Though I'm a newcomer at the expo, the company I represent is actually a returning participant," she said in Mandarin. "I, too, look forward to becoming a familiar face at the China-Eurasia Expo."

In its eighth edition, this expo is hailed as an important channel for economic and trade cooperation between China and Eurasian countries.

China and Eurasian countries are highly complementary in economy and have close connections in industrial and supply chains, said Gao Yunlong, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, at the expo's opening ceremony.

Gao expressed the hope for the two sides to enhance strategic synergy, deepen cooperation and jointly create a new chapter in China-Eurasia cooperation.

Themed "New Opportunities of Silk Road, New Vitality for Eurasian Cooperation," this year's expo has drawn over 1,900 participants from 50 countries, regions and international organizations, showcasing over 6,000 varieties of products.

In the exhibition hall next to Katsiaryna's booth, Xin Yaoyong, who works for a new materials technology company in Tumxuk City in southern Xinjiang, passionately introduces their products to the visitors.

"This is the first time our company is participating in the China-Eurasia Expo. We hope to make more friends and share our high-quality 'Made in Xinjiang' products with countries across Asia and Europe," said Xin, adding that the company has made "thorough preparations" for this expo and hopes to leave with fruitful results.

Since its inception in 2011, the China-Eurasia Expo has expanded its reach beyond the Asian and European continents, drawing entrepreneurs from Africa, Oceania and South America. Visitors were also delighted to explore a diverse array of quality products, such as Australian red wine, Ghanaian sheepskin drums and Uruguayan amethyst.

Darfour Frank, hailing from Ghana, deems himself a somewhat China expert as he is a frequenter of the China International Fair for Trade in Services and the China International Import Expo.

"After learning about the China-Eurasia Expo from the embassy, I immediately signed up. I wanted to visit Xinjiang to strengthen cooperation with China's inland regions and hope to raise awareness among Chinese consumers about Ghanaian products such as cocoa beans and shea butter," he said. "This expo is not just an exhibition, but also an opportunity for cooperation and a path toward a mutually beneficial future," Frank added.

This edition of the expo features over 50 trade promotion activities. It also includes industry forums, product displays and various events aimed at fostering cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies to explore new business opportunities together.

Using the expo as a platform, Xinjiang is seizing opportunities to engage in China's opening up as well as the national strategy to develop western China and the joint building of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Through mechanisms like the expo, Xinjiang is attracting foreign investments and expanding its global outreach, fostering closer exchanges and interactions with Central Asian countries and enhancing robust economic and trade cooperation.

In 2017, recognizing Xinjiang's strategic geographical location and favorable policies, Khanati Bektmubayev from Kazakhstan established a joint venture for trade in Urumqi.

"Having participated in four editions of the expo, I'm awestruck by the vitality and importance of the Chinese market, and coming here has allowed me to find more opportunities," he said.

"Despite the headwinds hindering the global economic growth, the China-Eurasia Expo will no doubt keep promoting the high-quality opening-up process of Xinjiang," said Chai Li, dean of the School of International Economics and Trade at Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics.

Chai added that Xinjiang, through high-level opening up, will provide more opportunities to foreign companies to help them expand their businesses in China.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Wu Chaolan)


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