Chongqing's parks breathe new life into old industrial base

(Xinhua) 10:09, May 06, 2024

This photo taken with a mobile phone shows the fitness area of Dadukou Park in Dadukou District, southwest China's Chongqing, on March 5, 2024. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyan)

CHONGQING, May 5 (Xinhua) -- In late spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, various parks in Dadukou District, southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, are filled with lush greenery, inspiring a large number of people to come and enjoy the scenery.

A variety of characteristic parks are scattered around Chongqing, adorning this old industrial base city with greenery. In recent years, several distinctive parks have been completed and opened here, not only enhancing the quality of the urban environment but also injecting vitality into local economic growth.

Langchao Park, with its undulating ground paved with pump tracks, has become a new sports and leisure destination in the city. Skateboarders, scooter riders and other sports enthusiasts can zoom around the slopes, sharp turns and other challenging obstacles. This newly opened park in Dadukou District has received praise from local residents.

"This pump track is particularly impressive, with vibrant colors and innovative designs. Children have a lot of fun playing here," said local resident Zhang Jianping.

Langchao Park stands out with its focus on pump-track sports and features children's pump-track arenas, parkour playgrounds, skateboard parks and children's development training camps. The tracks are built within green areas, seamlessly integrating with nature and providing unique riding experiences for players of different ages and skill levels.

"Pocket parks" like Langchao Park -- so named because of their small scale -- can be found throughout Dadukou District. According to Dadukou District's urban management bureau, it has renovated many mini squares and pocket parks in various corners of the city, providing residents with spaces to connect with nature, rest, exercise and promote green travel.

The recently renovated Love Park has become a popular spot for young people on social media. Visitors can immerse themselves in the pink and purple landscapes and trees trimmed into heart shapes, symbolizing the beautiful meaning represented by the park's name.

Besides enjoying the spring scenery, nearby residents also utilize the park for exercise and activities. "After the park renovation, a square was built, and we come here every day to exercise and dance. It's very convenient because it's not far from home," said Guo Huizhen, a 56-year-old resident.

The park's romantic theme also attracts couples who come to take wedding photos. Capitalizing on this opportunity, the park management actively collaborated with the Civil Affairs Bureau to set up a marriage registration office, providing convenience for couples. Additionally, the park organizes events like the Blind Date events on special occasions such as Valentine's Day and its Chinese counterpart, Qixi Festival, offering a platform for young unmarried people to make connections.

The park's renovation has not only improved the surrounding environment but also brought economic benefits. Dadukou District has recently started promoting the "park plus business" model to stimulate consumption and economic development.

Dadukou Park, the first comprehensive park in the district, has undergone systematic renovations, including the creation of an open park by breaking down the original walls, cleaning water bodies, and adding fitness equipment and children's entertainment facilities. Embracing the "park plus business" concept, the park has introduced commercial establishments such as bars, tea houses and cafes to enrich its business landscape.

"Dadukou Park is conveniently located adjacent to the Jiugong Temple business area. Since the reconstruction and upgrade, it has attracted a large flow of people, making it an ideal location for us to operate," said Zhang Jin, who is in charge of the park's amusement area. The convenient and user-friendly services not only revitalize the park's assets but also increase its popularity, creating a virtuous cycle.

To date, Dadukou has built 79 parks, with a green land rate of 40.31 percent and a greening coverage rate of 50.8 percent. The per capita area of park green space in the district has reached 25 square meters.

This photo taken with a mobile phone shows a view of Love Park in Dadukou District, southwest China's Chongqing, on March 5, 2024. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyan)

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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