Electric power authorities in C China's Hunan use new equipment to monitor, melt ice to ensure safe operation of power lines

(People's Daily Online) 16:22, March 01, 2024

Electric power authorities in central China's Hunan Province have dispatched more than 4,200 staff members to 1,885 mobile ice observation posts and 157 fixed ice observation posts, and used advanced equipment to ensure the safe operation of power lines amid the recent strong cold wave, according to State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited, a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China.

Due to the impact of the cold wave, reported to be the strongest in 50 years, heavy snowfall, rain and freezing weather have tested the power grid.

Electrical workers use a drone to patrol power lines in Xiangtan city, central China's Hunan Province, amid a strong cold wave. (Photo/Bai Lan)

The State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited said the local electric power authorities have made every effort to ensure the safe operation of power lines through measures including setting up ice observation posts and melting ice using scientific and technological methods.

At an ice observation post in Shimen county, two electrical workers have been checking the ice thickness on utility poles and pylons every two hours. They spend the night in a makeshift room and will stick to the post until the end of the current round of rainy, snowy and icy weather.

In an effort to melt the ice, the electric power authorities of Hunan Province have deployed 160 ice-melting and new ice monitoring devices such as drones and multi-functional cameras in the affected areas.

The staff members on duty at the power transmission panoramic monitoring center of the branch of the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited in Xiangtan city have been monitoring power lines remotely through 1,324 sets of visualization devices and four sets of ice condition monitoring devices installed on power transmission lines, while workers responsible for maintenance and inspection conduct on-site patrols with the help of drones to promptly obtain information on ice covering and carry out de-icing activities.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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