Streamlined gov't services boost economic vitality in Beijing

(Xinhua) 14:59, January 26, 2024

BEIJING, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- The once month-long approval process was concluded in less than a week, much to the delight of Pan Yixin, who was involved in organizing a large-scale cartoon carnival in Beijing in late September last year.

Unlike the previous scenario where Pan, an employee of Beijing IDO Acg Culture Communication Co., Ltd., had to submit materials to multiple departments, the government affairs service center of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone this time enabled Pan to complete the process in one go.

Pan's case is an epitome of how the new "All-in-One-Go" government services introduced by Beijing Municipality have facilitated an orderly development for large events, such as commercial performances and sports events.

Beijing aims to further stimulate economic vitality through reshaping approval processes. Companies now can complete the required steps with prepared materials by following simple and clear processes, all offered at one stop.

For example, the approval time for new applications for large commercial performances has been cut from 35 working days to 6 working days, a reduction of 82.9 percent.

Beijing will further advance reform and opening up as a trailblazer, stimulate social vitality, promote the growth of the private economy, and advance the construction of a unified large market, said Zhang Xin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, at a press briefing during the annual session of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress that concluded on Thursday.

In 2023, significant achievements were made in key reform areas in Beijing, such as streamlining approvals, standardizing supervision, and optimizing services, according to Zhang. Three key major reforms, namely the "one integrated license" policy, "All-in-One-Go" government services, and "integrated regulatory system" have resulted in effective outcomes.

Since 2022, Beijing has piloted the "one integrated license" policy in 20 industries, including hotels, cinemas, and beauty salons, among others.

For example, opening a cinema previously took 23 working days, requiring separate permits for film projection operations, public health, and food operations. Following reform, only 5 working days are needed to obtain an integrated license for a specific industry, significantly reducing preparation costs for businesses.

The "one integrated license" policy was further expanded to multiple scenarios in 2023, including pharmacies, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. The integrated license obtained by enterprises is commonly recognized and applicable throughout the city, which improves the convenience of business operations.

To provide businesses with a greater sense of security and satisfaction, Beijing also launched the "integrated regulatory system" in 2022 to reduce the impact of multiple supervision on business operations.

"With the new regulatory methods, various departments come together for inspections, and problems can be solved on the spot simultaneously," said Chen Yan, after-sales service manager of Beijing Hefu Kaida Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

Beijing will exert greater efforts to facilitate the development of various business entities and solidify the foundation for economic operations, said Yang Xiuling, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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