China's Taklimakan Rally to be included in FIA sporting calendar

(Xinhua) 10:46, January 06, 2024

BEIJING, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- China's 20-year-old Taklimakan Rally will be included in the FIA 2024 sporting calendar, organizers announced here on Friday.

The 2024 Taklimakan Rally will run from May 20 to June 1 in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, featuring three categories of vehicles -- automobiles, motorcycles and trucks.

This year's rally will cover a total distance of 4,600 kilometers including 2,500 kilometers of special stages amid multiple landforms including dunes, Gobi Desert, mountains and Yardang landform.

Recognized by the FIA, the governing body of world motor sport, manufacturers and teams all over the world will be able to register through the FIA website.

He Jiandong, vice president of the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People's Republic of China (CAMF) introduced that the Taklimakan Rally has now become the only international automobile and motorcycle rally in China.

"We hope that more and more Chinese drivers can sharpen up their skills through the Taklimakan Rally," said He.

"We also look forward to international teams and drivers participating in the Taklimakan Rally and experiencing the charm of China's motorsport," he added.

Founded in Xinjiang in 2005 as a local event organized by motorsport enthusiasts, the Taklimakan Rally was recognized by CAMF as a national-level race in 2007 and an international class A race since 2014.

The Taklimakan Rally has become an international rally with the largest number of participants and vehicles in Asia and with the longest track distance.

(Web editor: Zhao Tong, Kou Jie)


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